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Lawn Seeding in Missoula, MT

A full, green lawn creates impressive curb appeal. Get your grass growing when you rely on TruGreen to revive your lawn as well as maintain it throughout the year. By performing lawn seeding in Missoula, Montana, we add new grass seeds to your yard so your lawn has a full, healthy appearance. The specialists in our company know how to effectively invigorate your lawn.

The Revitalization Process of Overseeding

Over time, even the best lawns begin to thin without ongoing care. That’s because certain grass types need to be reseeded each year. Overseeding fills in thin spots, improves drought resistance, and discourages weeds from taking root. Certain grass varieties, such as Buffalo grass, Bentgrass, Fescue, and Kentucky Bluegrass require reseeding. Since these grasses do not spread, their seeds must be dispersed on your lawn to encourage new growth.

Your lawn is in good hands with us. In fact, we have a team of PhD-level scientists who develop targeted approaches for your specific yard. After performing an in-person TruGreen Healthy Lawn Analysis, we then create a plan to give your lawn exactly what it needs. The result is a thriving, green lawn you’ll enjoy for as long as you live in your home.

To Reseed or Not to Reseed

It’s always a good idea to reseed your lawn each year. Even though it may look good right now, next year the grass may start looking sparse. In due time, certain grass varieties die off even with the right about of sun and watering. If you notice bare spots or you haven’t reseeded in a while, contact us for help. In addition, lawn seeding improves drought tolerance and prevents weeds. Best of all, our TruGreen Health Lawn Guarantee® ensures you’ll always have a lawn you’d be proud to come home to.

Contact us for more information about our TruGreen Healthy Lawn Guarantee®. We proudly serve customers throughout Missoula, Montana.

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